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FiftySongs is a subscription based, year long accountability and education group for songwriters! 

Hi! I'm Annelise! I'm a Certified Singing Success Associate Voice Coach & professional singer/songwriter and I have a huge passion for songwriting. I have had so many people tell me they want to write songs but they have no idea where to start. I also know seasoned songwriters who just need some motivation and accountability (like myself).


So, I decided to create this group where those passionate about music and songwriting can come together and help each other accomplish the goal of writing a song a week for a year, that's 50 songs! (Well, there are 52 weeks in a year so you get two free weeks)

The group is for all levels of ability from complete beginner, with a desire to write songs, to those who have been writing for decades.  You do need to know how to operate a computer and upload song files to the FiftySongs platform. 


The courses will be tailored to the needs of the group. If you are a beginner or you don't sing or play an instrument, please do not feel intimidated. There are many ways to write a song. You do not have to sing, play an instrument or be a poet.

The group will have strict rules to encourage & motivate the goal of writing 50 songs in 2023! You have to turn in a song every week. The small group atmosphere will be an encouraging and nurturing space for growth. There are only 20 spots available in each group. Those wishing to join after the spots have been filled will be placed on a waiting list for the next group. 

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What's Included?

Annelise LeCheminant will be host, primary instructor and group facilitator (Learn more here). At the beginning of each month participants will be taught a songwriting class. Each week participants will write a song, practicing what they have learned, and submit it to the group by a specific deadline. Each participant will listen to and critique everyone's songs and give feedback. 

Course topics include:

  • Structures of songwriting

  • Perfect, close and wide rhymes

  • Tools of the trade

  • Charting your song

  • How to unlock your creativity/getting over writers block

  • Writing in various genres

  • How to find chord progressions

  • How to create a melody & harmonies

  • Co-writing

  • Critiques by other participants and guest instructors

  • and more!

Throughout the year amazing and talented guest instructors will be invited to teach specific topics.

Guest instructors include:

  • Grammy Nominated Music Instructors

  • Published Songwriters 

  • Recording Artists

  • Music producers

  • Nashville Session Musicians

  • and more!

Course Requirements

  • Commit to the group for an entire year!

  • Must be able to use a computer and navigate the internet, zoom and the FiftySongs platform.

  • Must be able to capture your songs on a recording devise and upload to the forum

  • Attend the class or watch the replay the first Monday of each month.

  • Write and submit a song every week to the group forum by a specific deadline.

  • Participate on the group forum giving encouraging feedback on other participants songs.

  • You believe that excuses are poor rewards and you will not use them throughout the year. 

Guest Instructors

ANNELISE LeCHEMINANT in Concert 8-18-09 Provo UT (42)_edited.jpg

Annelise LeCheminant

Host, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Voice Coach


Gary Lunn

Nashville Session Bassist


Shane Adams

Award winning & Grammy nominated music instructor 


Tom Worth

Songwriting Coach and Publisher


Matt Wilder

Producer and Songwriter