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Founder of Singing Success

"Annelise has worked with me for nearly 20 years. Her musicality astounded me when I first heard her, coming up with cord progressions that were unusual yet extremely catchy. Her voice was charming yet needed power and strength. I discovered that she had some vocal cord paralysis issues and we began to work feverishly on rehab exercises. Within a short time she was making tones that most people with extremely healthy, gifted voices can’t even imagine making. Her first bridge, the transition into her mix, is so smooth that I often can’t tell when she is mixing.

After many years of study, Annelise came to Nashville for an extended period of time to certify. Not only did she test as high as anybody ever has, she actually added value and additional info to our curriculum that has proved valuable for years. Her students astound me because they absolutely know what is going on and know their voices well. They are a joy to work with and going behind Annelise is one of the easiest things a coach could do. The best description of her students is… Capable of anything!"


ABOUT Lessons

Welcome to Bridge City Studios! I'm so happy you found me. I am Annelise LeCheminant and I am blessed to do what I love, make music and teach others to make music. My greatest joy is helping my students find their voice and watching their confidence grow. I look forward to the honor of working with you! To schedule click here


What will you gain by studying with me? 

In a nutshell, you will balance and strengthen the head, chest, pharyngeal & mixed voice and learn how they work together to create a rich tapestry of sound. The Singing Success method can be applied to any genre of music. 


You will also learn to: 

Sing with power

Expand your range

Release tension

Build confidence 

Improve your pitch

Develop vibrato

Vocal health

Performance techniques

Prepare for auditions 

Sing harmonies   


How to stylize a song

Explore & refine your artistry

Sing with a commercial sound

And much more… 

Lessons are 50 minutes long and tailored to the student. What works for one does not work for the other. Lessons are recorded for students to practice with, which is highly recommended. 


Student Showcases

    Students past and present are invited to perform in my student showcases where they can gain experience & confidence in their performance skills. Friends and family make up the audience and create a safe environment for budding artists. 


Master Classes

Join one of my master classes to learn with others how to improve your voice, health, performance, how to build a music career without a label and more!

Annelise is a





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For scheduling, prices and info please message me here or call 925-263-6106. I will get back to you within 24 business hours. I love to speak to prospective students on the phone to better answer your questions so if you would like a call please leave your number and best times to call.
I look forward to meeting you!

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